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Welcome to Andy Greaves Photography

After 26 years as an employee I'd had enough of pushing boulders up hills, making silk purses from sow's ears, pulling rabbits out of hats, taking one step forward and two back. It was time to have ambition. It was time to take control. So I took hold of my cameras and told them we'd be seeing a lot more of each other from now on. Actually I have been an exhibiting and published photographer for over 25 years. I have an MA Photography from Leicester De Montfort University and I am old enough to have been in the Tufty Club .

With my F2 hat on I am currently delivering photography workshops at Brookfield Primary School, Nether Langwith, Mansfield.

Class 5
Currently we are combining literacy and photography in an exciting project entitled Land of the Giants. Most importantly the children are learning to use their imagination through their written work and the use of photography. Stop press: The exhibition " Land of the Giants" on Tuesday 2nd Dec was a great success with some wonderful feedback from teachers and parents. In the New Year the work is going on tour to Shirebrook Library.

Class 3
Through discussion and practical work the children are discovering their identities and self representation.

Year 6 - Back to Basics !
By turning any kind of packaging into a light tight container we can make a simple pinhole camera, "ace ! " as one pupil described it. Results of the work will be shown on here soon.

Recommendations for better photographs

We could say that photography is the art of seeing things, people and places in a special way. Every photo is different and reflects the eye of the person who is taking the pictures, the angle this one chooses to look from and his focus. The quality of a photo is of course impacted by the talent of its photographer but the techniques applied are even more important as well as the equipment used.

The best tips and tricks for photographs

First of all, every photographer should choose a professional camera that meets the minimum requirements of quality. To this you might have to add some optic devices depending on the type of photos you are willing to take. Thereafter, try to get the help of a specialist in order to teach you how to adjust the settings. Even if you don’t know yet any special technique, with a good camera and the right settings, you can offer a photo shooting to your escorts from https://www.eros.com/. Their astonishing beauty will make the photos look excellent.

Because escorts like to be models for photos, ask one of them to help you when you first try the new techniques. They would be delighted to help you as they would be feeling admired. Some small details make sometimes a better picture. So, pay attention to the intensity of the light and its reflections because this will make a difference in the end. Try to get as much natural light as you need in order to create a unique view of a landscape or building. So, improve your pictures just by taking them early in the morning, when there is enough bright light or in the late afternoon, when the light is pale.

Try our recommendations

Equally important when you are capturing the nature is to try to include the horizon, mostly when you have some water there. Additionally, the focus for these types of landscapes should be applied at a large distance to create the illusion of infinity. If you have a building in this landscape, the focal point would be changed, for instance if we want to take a picture of Big Ben and the house of parliament, the focus should not be that far away. Practice this technique in the company of a London who will be impressed by your passion for photography.

As surprised as you may be, your London escort might turn out to share the same passion for photography because these beautiful ladies love to take and to have pictures. It’s true that their passion might be especially for portraits, for which there are different techniques you should try. First of all the focus should be on one eye or on both eyes in case the model is facing the frame. A reflector would also help you, to correct the shadows and improve the general view. Although you may have read many techniques, they will not be useful unless you practice or try on your own. It is the practice in general that makes a great photograph, of course combined with his particular talent of seeing the artistic beauty in everything.

Andy Greaves Photography