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Andy Greaves Photography Portofolio

How to Photograph Portraits Like an Expert

Any aspiring photographer that is looking to either improve their hobby or perhaps enter into a career will know just how much there is to learn. Taking portrait pictures is just one aspect that will need to be mastered and while it might seem like setting up a subject before getting them to smile will be enough to get the job done, in most cases the end result will be pretty average. With that in mind, take a look at these tips to ensure a solid base to work on when taking a portrait picture.

Portrait Tips

There is a bunch of ways that portrait photos can look like they have been taken by an expert but one of the most important is the location. Think about the particular photo and what it means before choosing an appropriate location. Consider about whether the location tells something about the subject in the photograph.

It might seem a bit cliché to suggest choosing your subject’s best side but this is actually very important in a portrait photograph. The human face is far from being as symmetrical as we might assume, so there is always going to be one side that looks better than the other. Just be a bit careful when letting the subject know which side this is.

How to Pose for Photos

With regards to posing for portraits there are a number of great recommendations that can be used such as making the subject feel comfortable. Sometimes they will come across as looking awkward, so it is best to try out a number of different poses. If a subject feels relaxed the smile on their face will look a lot more natural rather than forced.

Additionally, another tip would be to ensure that the best use is being made from natural light. If there is too much light it can cause shadows that are far too harsh whereas not enough will leave the image looking dark and gloomy. Try to use shade or take photographs during a time of day where the sun is not so direct for best results.

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